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19.25k Yellow Gold Figas Charm Set


Representing good luck against evil, the Figas charm set consists of four charms secured within one round loop.  The most commonly believed story of these figas is said to take place the night Jesus was born.  The Star of Bethlehem (star) led the shepherds on the night (moon) Jesus was born to his birthplace, where they announced to the world (using the horn) that the King had arrived.  The fist (hand) represents strength against evil, a trait that Jesus would later be a symbol for. 

Traditionally gifted at birth or baptism, these Figas are one of the most popular Portuguese gold charms given to children.  

Small Figas      1.5cm

Medium Figas  1.8cm 

Large Figas       2.0cm

Pictured: Large Figas on necklace, Medium Fias on ID bracelet, Small Figas on bracelet.

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