19.25k Yellow Gold Classic Light Sleeper Hoops – Liberal Jewellery
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19.25k Yellow Gold Classic Light Sleeper Hoops


It does not get any simpler than this. These traditional Portuguese hoops are the perfect everyday earrings that are lightweight in feel and lustrous in colour. Finished with a sleeper style backing for a comfortable wear. 

Dimensions 1.1cm x 1.0mm

Dimensions 1.3cm x 1.4mm

Dimensions 2.5cm x 1.4mm

Dimensions 3.0cm x 1.4mm

Dimensions 4.0cm x 1.4mm

Dimensions 5.0cm x 1.7mm

Kim is wearing the 19.25k 3.0cm Yellow Gold Classic Sleeper Hoops and 19.25k 4.0cm Yellow Gold Classic Sleeper Hoops.

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